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Oriental soup with curry spices

Image of Oriental soup with curry spices


  • 1 kg Carrot soup mix Art. 65006
  • 1 kg Fennel Art. 10413
  • 2 l Water
  • 50 gr Stock
  • 15 gr Marsala spices
  • 350 ml Coconut milk
  • 10 gr Yellow curry paste
  • 10 gr Coriander Darégal Art. 5216


8 persons


15 minutes


Simmer the fennel and the carrot soup mix until it’s defrosted. Add the water, the vegetable stock, the coconut milk and the yellow curry paste. Let it cook through for approx. 10 minutes. Mix the soup until smooth. Finish with Marsala spices and crushedcoriander. Garnish the soup with the Asian wok mix of the side dish for a tasty whole. Chef's tip: "A little spicier? Add a dash of sambal ulek to the wok mix.”