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Tex-Mex soup with lemon balm aroma

Image of Tex-Mex soup with lemon balm aroma


  • 1 kg Tomato soup mix Art. 65005
  • 1 kg Supersweet sweetcorn Art. 3708
  • 2.4 l Water
  • 50 gr Stock
  • 50 gr Butter
  • 10 gr Lemon balm
  • Salt & pepper


10 persons


20 minutes


Melt the butter, but make sure it doesn’t turn brown. Simmer the vegetable mix with the sweetcorn until the vegetables are fully defrosted and glassy. Add water and stock and bring to the boil. Mix the soup until smooth. If required, sieve the soup to remove any skin of the sweetcorn. Season with salt, pepper and the lemon balm. Chef's tip: “Less skin in the soup? Use our babycorn cobs.”